10 Reasons Your Venue Should Advertise On The Brunchy App in 2018

10 Reasons Your Venue Should Advertise On The Brunchy App in 2018


In a hugely competitive market in Dubai, there are many ways of advertising your venue. Traditional media print in magazines, radio, and even TV! But this article is the ten reasons why advertising through the Brunchy app is the most cost-effective and advanced way you can maximize your venues offers and deals.

1 – Simple Subscriptions

There are 3 simple subscriptions that we offer at Brunchy for advertising your venue with us.

1) Free, this enables a limited number of impressions for each offer you have and is a great way to get involved and see how Brunchy can improve your business

2) Standard package, this will enable unlimited impressions to our #Brunchialite community and enable 6 offers to be added to our app (Ladies night, Men’s Night, Happy Hour, Brunch, Beach/Pool Day & Drunch. We have been averaging around 5,000 unique app impressions with our current venues and you can make an ROI from a conversion rate of Just 1% or impression to purchase price

3) Premium Package, enables your venue to be in one of 4 exclusive positions on the home screen. This ensures everytime a user opens the app they see your venue and can click through to a predetermined destination offer (one of the categories above)

The Above subscriptions are a monthly fixed fee starting from just 99 USD/Month*

2 – No Revenue Consuming Deals

2 for 1 offers are great for the user we agree, but this should not be the only option available. With Brunchy we promote your offers only, so you can ensure that you can promote your brand to draw more users while also retaining your revenue.

3 – Target Local & Tourist Market Users

Our app is available on over 37 international app stores, we actively target through our social media campaigns people who are traveling to Dubai in the near future or travel regularly. Which enables us to attract a broader range of users who. With an estimated 9.5 million travelers coming through Dubai on an annual basis we aim to ensure Brunchy is there #1 choice for exploring the best offers in Dubai

4 – Its Free For The User

We have built the app to be completely free for the user. This removes any barrier to download the app and start saving and exploring. A subscription instantly puts a large number of users off, so being free ensures our community continues to grow rapidly which ensure more eyes on your venues.

5 – Analytics

To ensure you can track and see the visibility of the effectiveness of your venues offers, we generate detailed analytics reports summarising the performance of the app. You can see how many clicks, what age group and demographic. Also can see the growth of the user database and our Brunchy Community

10 Reasons Your Venue Should Advertise On The Brunchy App in 2018

6 – Value for Money Compared to Traditional Print Methods

With a simple article in a printed magazine costing over 5000 USD per slot (yes that’s not a mistake) advertising through Brunchy delivers unparalleled value. A simple monthly fixed subscription is your only outlay. So make sure you get signed up today


7 – Live Updated Offers

As soon as you publish an offer it can become instantly outdated. With the Brunchy App you can simply drop us an email and we will have your offer and images updated in a matter of minutes.

8 – All About Alcohol

Our Community is based on 1 thing – Alchohol offers. You won’t see any other offers included in the app. So when you promote an alcohol-related offer through the Brunchy App you will target a community already looking for this offer.

9 – Focussed Marketing

When you create a campaign online there is a lot of variables to reach your target market. Fortunately, Brunchy has done all the legwork. We are constantly building the #Brunchialite community who are specifically interested in the offer categories in our app. This saves a whole load of time and money testing digital marketing strategies



10 – #1 Nightlife App Dubai

That’s right, our SEO presence for all things nightlife in Dubai is growing rapidly, just search nightlife app Dubai and you will see we are number 1 in Dubai. Make sure you are onboard to make your venue stand out from the crowd. Advertise with Brunchy Today

So 2018 is the time to ensure you are maximizing your venues exposire within the hugely competitive market in Dubai. Let Brunchy do the hard work and ensure your updated offers are live an available for all to see and try.

Please send any inquiries to james@brunchy.ae. Sign up process is a matter of minutes and can all be done online.

If you wish to give the app a try first to see who good it is please click the link below.

Download and use for free on Android or iPhone today.

And the last question is….. Can you afford to not be involved?

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