10 Things About Morning Brunch You Can’t Argue With

Brunch in the morning is the perfect way to follow up the next day after some serious nightlife time. Bloody Marys, breakfast food, desserts, and coffee mix perfectly to take the edge off of any hangover. Plus it’s a great way to meet up with friends, meet new people and just socialize in general. Here’s 10 things about morning brunch you can’t argue with.

  1. Coffee Never Tasted So Good

    one giant cup of coffee please for morning brunch

    Coffee really is the best thing in the world after a long night of drinking. Heck, coffee is the best thing in the world regardless of whether or not you drank last night. If only you didn’t start to develop a tolerance to caffeine after a while… or start to get heart palpitations. One cup please!

  2. It’s Really Two Meals In One!

    brunch saves time

    Saving time is essential in our modern, busy lifestyles. What saves time more than combining two meals into one? That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it…

  3. Eggs Benedict Without The Mess

    eggs benedict cumberbatch for brunch

    Who doesn’t love an exquisite breakfast spread? Eggs benedict might be the most delicious breakfast food ever created. Warn Hollandaise sauce spread over poached eggs on an English muffin. Simply to die for. Of course who actually wants to spend the time making that then cleaning up the mess? Queue brunch!

  4. Bloody Marys Count As A Vegetable Right?

    archer drinking bloody mary when hungover at brunch

    I know, it’s hard to make sure you get your daily allotment of fruits and vegitables every day. That’s where Bloody Marys come in! You get all your healthy food right there. Tomato, horseradish, Tabasco (uh chili peppers!) and garnished with a celery stick and lemon wedge? That’s your fresh five right there! High fives all around for starting your day off right.

  5. Screwdrivers Are A Fruit

    What could be better than starting your day off with some freshly squeezed orange juice? Adding in a shot or two of vodka obviously! I once met someone who actually thought a screwdriver was a drink where they put a physical screwdriver in it as some kind of bizarre avant-garde garnish. Needless to say we’re not friends.

  6. Mimosas–Just Like On TV In The Morning

    drunk on morning mimosas at brunch
    Wait, this isn’t a real morning show?

    In today’s morning show culture, morning mimosas seem to be the go-to drink before lunch. Though to be fair, I would be drinking them too if I was paid to chit-chat on national television while getting hammered every morning. Guess what? They’re perfect for brunch! Plus if everyone around you is doing it AND they’re doing it on TV, it can’t be wrong, now can it?

  7. Catching up with what Your Friends Did Last Night

    woman hungover at brunch in last night's makeup

    Brunch is a great way to find out what happened to your friends last night after they disappeared and catch up on the late night fun and gossip. Maybe they met someone! Maybe they decided to call it a night and take a taxi  home. At least when they show up for your brunch plans you know they didn’t die…

  8. Eating Dessert At Brunch Is Acceptable

    baby blacked out eating dessert meme

    Morning brunch is probably the only time it is acceptable to eat dessert before noon. I’m not talking fruit crepes, I’m talking full on chocolate cake, ice cream, cup cakes, the whole nine yards. Everything is more acceptable when you do it in a group. Diet be damned!

  9. It’s Probably The Only Acceptable Way To Start Drinking Before Noon

    tequila in the morning instead of coffee

    Lets be honest–drinking before lunch is pretty much universally frowned upon. Unless it’s at brunch! Then you’re golden. Besides, all the rich breakfast food and coffee helps you get a nice buzz without getting sloshed. Drink before lunch, you have a problem. Drink at brunch and you’re in good company.

  10. It’s Its Own Social Scene

    Lets not forget that the best thing about brunch is seeing your friends and having a good time. A good, regular brunch is comforting and a great way to keep up with friends and make new ones. It’s kind of like your own little club… a breakfast club? Plus, a good morning brunch puts you in a great mood for the rest of the day!

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to download Brunchy today to find the best brunches, happy hours, ladies’ nights, men’s nights and more in Dubai!


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