5 Tips for Dating On a Budget in Dubai

5 Tips for Dating on A Budget In Dubai

Dating on A Budget - Dubai - Brunchy App 

Now dating in Dubai is not always a simple affair. First of all, you need to actually get the Date which is the first hurdle, with so many dating platforms such as Tinder, Bumble, and a load more is just the beginning. But once you have found the person and agreed to meet, what’s next? Well, see below our list of top 5 tips for dating on a Budget in Dubai.

1 – Do your homework

So one of the best ways to ensure your date is not only successful but also done with the lowest of costs is to do some research. Ask some questions about what the person is interested in doing in their spare time. Generally, there will be some good clues. Maybe if they are into books or reading you could organize a date to Borders for a coffee and a look round, but maybe not to sit there and read as that may be a bit antisocial!

Dating on A Budget - Dubai - Brunchy App

2 – Plan an early date, during an off-peak period

Maybe you can schedule your first meet earlier on the weekend, instead of during a peak time such as Thursday & Friday evenings. Generally, the best offers and deals for restaurants and events are during the off-peak hours. Also if you plan to meet at a paying venue, generally they allow early access free or even free drinks and food!

3 – Check out vouchers or offers on websites

Groupon & Cobone are great sites and have some really good offers for dinner and experiences. Also, they can prove a real good area for inspiration more than anything. Have a look and see if it ignites your romantic flame!

4 – Nightlife Offers

If you are planning to go for Drinks, then the Brunchy App is your friend. It has over 1000 live offers in the app which are updated monthly. So if you filter the day you are planning the first date you can see exactly what’s going on. Also if your potential suitor lives in a different location which you aren’t familiar with, just type it into the search screen and you can see what’s going on around the area! During the date you can then scout a new location for further drinks (if you’re successful) this ensures you are spending smart and I’m sure they will be impressed with your thrifty skills : )

5 – Skip Dinner & a Movie

Ok, have you seen how much it is to watch a film now in Dubai? Factor in the nachos, sweets, ice cream and all the trimmings for 2 people you will not get a great deal of change from 400 AED! If you then go to dinner you’re again talking another 500! This adds up quickly. Why not meet at an informal venue, maybe a bar which has a nice terrace or some live music? Not too quiet but also a bit of atmosphere. If you use the Brunchy App, you can research somewhere perfect!

Dating on A Budget - Dubai - Brunchy App

So there it is our top 5 tips for saving money dating in Dubai. Make sure you download the app today and start saving money whether you’re dating or going solo! It works for all!

Download and use for free on Android or iPhone today.

And the last question is….. Can you afford to not be involved?

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