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The business market in Dubai, UAE has never been more competitive. Especially for bars and entertainment venues. Fortunately, Brunchy is here to save the day! Brunchy is a tech startup in Dubai that lists bars, drink specials, ladies’ nights and more in the city. There’s even GPS mapping and a countdown for local happy hours. You can even advertise on Brunchy!

Want to make sure your bar is listed on the Brunchy smartphone apps for iPhone and Android? Want to benefit from Brunchy’s social media and website? Want a serious boost to your venue’s foot traffic? Welcome to Brunchy.

The Brunchy boasts a number of features that can connect your bar with potential customers. Contact us to make sure your complimentary, free listings are up-to-date, and be sure to strike up a conversation if you think our promotion and advertising services interest you.

What is Brunchy?

Brunchy is a smartphone app for iPhone and Android ( that is revolutionizing the way people go out in Dubai. The app is free and we will never charge for it. Unlike competitors which charge upwards of 450 Dhs for one year of use.

What are #Brunchialites?

Brunchialites are the heart of the #Brunchy community. They are primarily expat professionals who like to socialize and enjoy the fantastic nightlife Dubai has to offer but at the best price.

What sets Brunchy apart from competitors?

Brunchy has incorporated the latest mobile technology and the most analytics platform into its app. This drives value for local businesses to monitor, track and trend  the experience consumers have when they enter their venue. Couple this with a stunning but completely free and simple-to-navigate interface for end users sets the Brunchy app apart from the competition.

How does Brunchy work?

Simply open the app and select what type of deal you are looking for, whether it is happy hours, ladies’ nights, men’s nights or brunches on offer. Set how far you want Brunchy to search from your current location and then see a list of the nearest bars and clubs in your area for that day.

Why should someone download and use Brunchy?

If you are out on a regular basis in Dubai, Brunchy is your personal assistant in your hand to help you navigate the extensive offerings available. With a huge database of up-to-date information at your fingertips, for no fee, you need to ask yourself “Can you really afford not to be involved?”


HOW BRUNCHY BENEFITS Bars, Restaurants and Clubs in Dubai

How much is one new customer a day worth to you and your establishment?

Think about that for a moment-then consider what Brunchy is: Brunchy is the simplest, free way to find bars and clubs in Dubai, their happy hours and specials. Brunchy is a new technology startup in Dubai founded on three principles.


Keeping the app free and giving the end user a tool to help navigate the vast Dubai nightlife.

Social Community

#Brunchialites are the community upon which this app is built to serve, ensuring their needs are met is paramount.


Brunchy will not only save money but also be fun and rewarding to use; there’s some exciting plans in the development pipeline.

Unlike Brunchy’s main competitors, the Brunchy app is completely free to use and available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app is the portal your business needs to access your specified target market identified from the Brunchialite community.

Now let’s go back to that original question: How much is one new customer a day worth to you and your establishment?

Feasibility Calculation – Let’s take the following assumptions:

2 additional customers per day from promotion through Brunchy.

Claiming 2 drinks each during a happy hour.

25% Margin on sales

35AED Drink Selling Price

That will generate an additional 35 AED per day (9.6 USD) or in 1 month 1084 AED (298 USD)

The Silver package on the Brunchy Price Plan is 299 USD per month, so the feasibility calculation shows that if you can draw an additional 2 customers a day you will at a minimum break even with your investment

Being part of the #Brunchialite Vendor List is the easiest and most cost-effective way for you to advertise your latest deals and offers and grow the number of new and recurring customers visiting your bar.

Brunchy has a clear ROI—active purchasers are directly presented with the opportunity to redeem a deal or take advantage of special pricing. Brunchy’s users are in the area and actively looking to drink. This gives Brunchy a large advantage over traditional advertising methods. In fact, Brunchy costs half as much per impression as traditional print, web and social media advertising in Dubai with a definite, provable user intent.

To see the full, original sales brochure, click here.

Don’t delay, contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Mont Cessna

Marketing and PR Manager

Brunchy —


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