Atelier M Feathers & Pearls Brunch Dubai – Brunchy Review

Atelier M Feathers & Pearls Brunch Dubai

If 1920s swing is your thing, Atelier M Feathers & Pearls Brunch Dubai’s unique offering could be right up your street.

Prepared to be transported to the bygone golden era of the 1920s Hollywood. A time when a secret brunch party turned into one of the most decadent events of the season.

The 1920s held claim to the birth of some of the greatest. That’s right, the likes of Al Capone, F. Scott Fitzgerald (Author of The Great Gatsby) Babe Ruth the world-famous Baseball Player, and last but definitely not least, Mr. Albert Einstein.




Atelier M Feathers & Pearls Brunch Dubai


Atelier M is situated on the exclusive Pier 7 building in Dubai Marina.

The Feathers& Pearls Brunch takes place on the 7th floor and the after-brunch party takes place up the spiral staircase on the floor 7M which houses the bar and stunning rooftop area.

Venue Description

At first glance, you can clearly tell Atelier M is not your jeans and t-shirt venue. As soon as you leave the elevator, you are met with marble, high-quality finishing and a red carpet.

The servers and management are smartly dressed and extremely attentive. As mentioned, the venue is set over 3 floors.

Atelier M Feathers & Pearls Brunch Dubai

Atelier M Feathers & Pearls Brunch Dubai – How Much?

Our New Format for Comparing Brunch Cost is Divide the Brunch Cost by the Time, this gives you a nice handy conversion on which to compare value. AED/HR


Unlimited House beverage 420* AED per person – 140 AED/HR

Unlimited Bubbly 630* AED per person – 210 AED/Hr


Unlimited Soft beverage 210* AED per person

*All prices are exclusive of 7% municipality fee.

The Menu

Atelier M Feathers & Pearls Brunch Dubai is an order-off the menu style brunch rather than a buffet type.

There are 5 Starters, 5 Mains, 3 Sides, and Table of Desserts to choose from.

Atelier M Feathers & Pearls Brunch Dubai

The Food


Cucumber, Avocado Gazpacho – It was a little intimidating in colour but the flavours came together extremely well, a great introduction to the menu.

Fine De Claire Oysters – I’m quite partial to the occasional oyster and these did not disappoint, not the biggest I’ve had but with a beautiful garnish went down a treat. The only thing it would have been great to serve 4 per portion.

Wild Mushroom Takoyaki – Our favourite of the starters by a mile. These stunning little succulent balls of mushrooms topped with smoked flaked fish were to die for. In fact, we went through 4 orders in total.

Burrata, Herb Crostini & Crispy Crab Cake – Both were excellently prepared fresh and well-presented. The herb crostini with burrata was a cheesy paradise and a huge fish lover. The crispy crab cakes were subtle and went well with the slightly spicy salsa side.


Marinated Prawns and Mussels – A beautiful Asian-inspired prawn and mussel main course served with stir-fried vegetables complimented by some vegetable fried rice.

Truffle Risotto – Finished with 36-month-aged parmesan (from a massive wheel of cheese you pass when you walk in!) was a tasty dish. I’m not a huge fan of risotto but this was bursting with flavour and the parmesan finished the dish well.

Home-Made Chicken Wellington and Grilled Black Angus Rib Eye – The Meat dishes were beautifully presented and went down well. The ribeye steak will certainly appease the meat lovers out there and with the portion sizes not being huge enabled you to try all.


The desserts selection was spread over 2 locations. The first being next to the window which hosted the chocolate fountain with fruits and a selection of fondue items.

The second was a centre table which displayed a whole load of pastries and finger desserts. For those with the sweetest of teeth like myself there was an adequate choice, but nothing that really stood out as unique, unfortunately.

The Drinks

Atelier M Feathers & Pearls Brunch Dubai

During the Atelier M Feathers & Pearls Brunch Dubai, we managed to steal a few minutes with the restaurant manager Myat.

He has been the restaurant manager for over 4 years and helped pioneer the Feathers & Pearls Brunch.

We probed him for a few minutes and asked him what exactly made the Feathers & Pearls Brunch unique. The first thing he said was,

‘The Drinks. In Dubai, you have to compete as a venue with some of the best chefs in the world with food, but where we feel we are unique is with our drinks.” – Myat, Restaurant Manager

The Margarita Cocktail was, in fact, an award-winning drink which won in a global competition held by Patron, the famous tequila brand. The hugely skilled Barman Louey prepped us one and I could see exactly why it won.

The Margarita was simply outstanding.

The other featured cocktail on the drinks menu was the ‘Bloody Mary’ and this was, hand on heart one of the best I have experienced in the world. And I’ve tried a few, trust me!

All in all, the drinks menu was more than suitable for a Friday brunch. Again not the biggest list of drinks but unless you’re planning a stag weekend brunch (which this brunch simply is not) there is an ample selection.


With wall to ceiling windows, the atmosphere in Atelier M is very bright and airy.

With a stunning view across the beautiful marina, it really makes this a pleasant experience overall.

Some brunches I’ve been to let you sit in a dark hole and basically drink yourself to oblivion. But this is a much more light-hearted affair.

Again, this brunch definitely had a family feel to it and there was a handful of the younger generation present.

If you are looking for a hardcore brunch with your mates, this is not the brunch for you. But if you’re looking for something a little more civilised, then Feathers & Pearls is a great choice.


With the main entertainment being a quartet of clearly very talented, beautiful girls dressed in period 1920s attire. They played 3 sets throughout the period of brunch with the tempo gradually increasing.

This is not a venue where I felt I would get up and start dancing. Although the music was excellent with 1920 renditions of many modern songs.

The music was not at a crazy volume level, so you could hear each other talk, which fitted in well with the whole concept.

Dress Code

Before arriving, I felt the Atelier M Feathers & Pearls Brunch Dubai would have more on the smarter side of ‘smart-casual’, but when I arrived, I found the general dress to be a bit of a spectrum, leaning more towards casual.

The brunch was made up of both people dressed up to the Nines, and also casually dressed families.

Clearly, there is no hard and fast rule, except no beachwear, which is fairly obvious I would guess!

Verdict Summary

First of all, myself and my wife had a very pleasant afternoon out.

The Atelier M Feathers & Pearls Brunch Dubai is not really a ‘party hard’ brunch. Instead, it’s suited as a more civilised brunch experience, perhaps with friends or family.

The music, venue, and theme are all well-matched. With the venue being bang in the middle of the marina, it’s excellent if you are visiting Dubai.

The food was good all round. Our favourites by far were the starter dishes and that being the Wild Mushroom Takoyaki. The desserts you could argue a little sparse, but the quality of the drinks menu more than made up for that.

The table service was second to none. The team were almost pre-empting our glass and plate levels, which was a big positive for me because so many other brunches we attend often do not.

Price-wise, I feel that in this location and with ‘that’ view the price of 420 AED (drinks included) is good value. We certainly left feeling content with the offerings overall.

If you wish to continue the ‘after party,’ you are welcome to shift to the Atelier M Bar on the next floor, which offers exclusive deals for brunch-goers on selected beverages.


The Video – Atelier M Feathers & Pearls Brunch Dubai


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