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Brunchy Dubai Eye The Ticket Radio Program

Brunchy was featured on “The Ticket” last week (8/17/2017) on Dubai Eye 103.8FM, a local radio station in Dubai, UAE. Company founder, Mr. Anderson, spoke with Mark Lloyd and Stef Burgon and explained how the Brunchy app helps users find local brunches and more in Dubai for free. Are you a #brunchialite? The whole segment can be found here but you can listen to just the part about Brunchy below. We’ve also included a transcript.

Steph Burgon: And now not just one branch but stacks of them all in one place on a new app. How do you normally find a bunch if you want to go to one?

Mark Lloyd: Well it’s not on an app. I would probably look on my iPad.

Steph: Now well there’s this new app called Brunchy I just saw out this week and it allows you to find the best deals to bunches. And we tracked down James. Who the man behind the app. And he told us where the idea came from.

James Anderson:  Well I think to start with–drinking and socializing and stuff in Dubai in the cheaper fare. When I first moved here in 2015 I was taken back by how much I was spending you know frequenting the bars and restaurants in Dubai. So that is really where the initial idea, well the push came probably to develop the app. I actually had a concept in my head for a while now. Basically, where you can have a list of all the happy hours and a countdown timer. And basically what you can do is go out a night and you can kind of plan your night to happy hours. And jump between, making sure you’ve explored everywhere but you’re doing it it at the best price. So there was kind of a combination of these two things which really made me start putting together Brunchy.

Steph: It is expensive to go out every single weekend in Dubai. I’ve got a personal trainer who is 24. Just got here from Glasgow. I say I’ve got a personal trainer, haven’t seen him in a few weeks, anyway that’s besides the point. But he goes out every weekend and is meant to be saving to buy a car and I keep saying to him how you doing and he’s like “spending all my money.”

Mark: Never got the car?

Steph: Never managed to save up enough money because he won’t scrap on the weekend. If you’ve got a good idea for an app though, and I always feel like there’s an app in me. Like there’s a book in me.

Mark: Yeah I get that feeling there’s in app in me.

Steph: Do you?

Mark: Yeah.

Steph: Well there’s a lot of companies that will help you make it a reality. But you do need to make sure it is a good one for it take off, James told us.

James: It’s really the right blend of branding, concept and the user experience, you know. This is really what takes the most of the time with an app. Producing the app Brunchy, which is obviously simple, it’s user friendly and engaging, it’s a challenge. But really it’s what sets us apart from the competition out there.

Steph: They do have to be easy to use, or I’m out.

Mark: Yeah if you can’t find your way around an app, there’s nothing worse is there?

Steph: You know who we should talk to about apps? Tricia.

Mark: Tricia is an app fanatic I’m sure. What’s your favorite app?

Steph: You can’t have a favorite app.

Mark: Can you now?

Steph: No. Idk.

Mark: Do you use a lot of apps?

Tricia: I like the translation apps. Really good is google translate. Word reference.

Steph: Hah, so all wordy ones. I’m not surprised though, since you did just get a BA in linguistics. As someone here says listening, “it’s great to hear the perspective of millennials on your show.”

Mark: Is that me?

Steph: No it’s Tricia.


Steph: So looking at this app for brunches. I mean there’s a lot of other things on there as well. James told us some of the deals.

James: The current total of offers we have as up to date is 565 offers. And this is a combination of brunch and ladies’ and men’s night and also happy hours as well. So we’ve got a mixture of top end brunches all the way down to happy hours and also lots of ladies’ nights as well.

Steph: Lots of ladies nights. We will have a big ladies’ night coming up, a weekend one actually for you, very very shortly on the show.  Ah but there’s a feature on this new Brunchy app that means you don’t have to go too far.

James: But what you can do is search in your location and find out what is going on nearest to you now. Also you can filter on the days, if you want a Friday brunch or a Saturday brunch. And also what it’s got is it’s got a link for more information. So if you need extra information information you can actually directly to website for the the event there. Find out if there is any more specifics you need to know. And also you can contact them for booking as well.

Steph: And where do we find it?

James: Basically, if you go to–the website–if you click on there, there is a link to download the app. It’s available on iOS and Android, completely free. Also if you follow us on social media and subscribe to the website, and then basically you can join in with what we call the #brunchialite community. The Brunchialite community is a play on words between obviously brunch and socialite.

Steph: I’m sure I wouldn’t be part of the Brunchialite community anymore because I haven’t been to one for so long.

Mark: You know I actually have never been. I think this is one of the Dubai phenomenon that has passed me by.

Steph: Never?

Mark: That I’ve never… I’ve never been to any.

Steph: Oh went to quite a few when I first got here. The big one, when I first got here.

Mark: Is it a weekly thing for you?

Steph: No. Probably a couple of months though when I first got here, Al Hambra was the big one when I first arrived. And they’d do that thing of turning up the music slowly. So you’d get there, 12 o’clock I think it was, and by 4 you’re like gosh it’s loud in here, I don’t remember it being this loud when I first arrived. And people are standing on the table dancing.

Mark: Yeah, yeah. So that was the idea yeah. And did they want to keep the people there after four?

Steph: No. It kind of filtered off. And I never quite understood what you were meant to do after that.

Mark: But did you not feel you were missing the fresh air and the beach? And all that kind of thing?

Steph: Look at me Mark, look how pale I am.


So, have you decided to join the #brunchialites, Dubai? Download Brunchy today for iPhone and Android, for free!

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