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The simplest, free way to find bars and clubs in Dubai

Dubai, UAE — May 1, 2017 – Brunchy, a tech startup, announced the launch of their flagship smartphone app. The app finds happy hours and specials at nearby bars and clubs in Dubai. Drinking in Dubai can be very expensive and complicated. Besides finding where to drink, the app finds when to drink for the best deals in a simple, free way.

Mr. Anderson, the founder of Brunchy, was inspired to create the app after moving to Dubai more than three years ago and being shocked at how expensive a night out on the town was. He had used websites in his native UK to plan nights out with his friends and save money. Given how expensive a night out in Dubai can potentially be, he saw an opportunity to do something similar and started building Brunchy six months ago.

Mr. Anderson said, “The core ethos of this app, is to deliver value through a simple application. We feel our competition has built products for what they think the consumers want. Our plan is to build an application that is what the masses want through feedback and evolution.”

While the app has launched with few bells and whistles, Mr. Anderson is committed to improving the app through free updates in the future. He wanted the core happy hour functionality built first. Some of his initial ideas include adding men’s and ladies’ nights to the app database, some in app drinking games and “map your night” functions.

Mr. Anderson said that Brunchy is committed to three core principles:

  • Value: Keeping the app free and useful to the end user
  • Social community: #Brunchialites are the community upon which this app is to built around, ensuring their needs are met is absolutely paramount
  • Gamification: Brunchy will not only save money but also be fun and rewarding to use, there’s some exciting plans in the development pipeline

Where does Mr. Anderson see Brunchy in the Dubai tech scene? “I think Dubai is a little lagging behind the rest of the world with app based technologies. I feel though this market is rapidly expanding and gaining momentum,” he said. “Brunchy is a completely new concept and is going to revolutionise the way we all plan and enjoy our nights out. The fact that the business model enables the app to be completely free sets it apart from subscription or premium competition. Brunchy has the target to be the leading drinks and entertainment app by 2020.”

Brunchy can be downloaded from its website——and is available now for iOS and Android.

Mr. Anderson hopes that he has created “an app that gives opportunity for visitors and residents to explore and experience the colourful and varied offerings of Dubai’s night life and do this on a budget.” Download the app, try it out and then let him know.

For press inquiries about Brunchy, please contact Mont Cessna at

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