Dubai Nightlife – Why It’s One of the Best in World


Dubai nightlife

Why is Dubai nightlife one of the best in the world?

Over the years, Dubai has become a fast-paced metropolitan that literally magnifies entertainment and dining opportunities. Visitors and residents are taken aback by how adequately restaurants and bars there are to choose from. And we do not simply mean the ordinary sit-down quiet dining scene but most of the venues all around Dubai sends out a party atmosphere.

Considering that Dubai is a multicultural city, where people from different culture come in to work and follow their dreams career-wise, what we barely notice is that people here take work-life balance in a whole new level. They burn their brows at work but when the clock strikes and the sun’s about to set, they put on their glossy liptint, coats kept on the backseat, shirts untucked, and they head down to some of Dubai’s iconic nightlife spots.

What is the nightlife in Dubai like?

You’ll never run out of nightlife experiences when in Dubai. You can even plan a whole week of different entertainment activities. Just to give you an idea, here’s a taster of what’s like to plan a week of Dubai nightlife.

Sunday – Night Brunch at Cavalli Club Restaurant & Lounge

Just when you thought brunch is only done during the day, well we include a night brunch in one of the amazing Dubai nightlife shennigans. Head down to Cavalli Club from 8:30pm to 12am for a stylish luxurious night brunch for AED 299 with unlimited food and alcohol drinks and clubbing thereafter.

Monday – Men’s night

Head down to The Huddle Sports Bar & Grill in City Max Hotel Al Barsha from 8pm to 12am and enjoy a buy 1 get 1 free offer on a special food and beverage menu for the gents with sports game access and live sports streaming.

Tuesday – Quiz night at McGettigan’s Jumeirah Lakes Towers from 8pm.

Here’s a unique nightlife experience for you guys. How about bring your competitive friends along for a night of drinking and bar quiz night? Sounds, fun! Your team can win amazing prizes and go home with crazy stories to tell.

Wednesday – Ladies’ night at Soho Garden from 8pm to12am.

Imagine having unlimited house wine in a venue where a racecourse grandstand stands? Most locals and residents, even first timers, rave about this place.

Thursday – Bingo Night

On July 26 at 8pm in Media One Hotel, there’s going to be another edition of the Bongos Bingo. It’s the biggest bingo night event in Dubai, with 500 visitors who not only come in hope to win the bingo prize but to also party hard with the massive cool crowd and dance the night away with live band performances.

Friday – Happy Hour

Sundowners or what most popularly known as the happy hour. We recommend you to try out Folly by Nick & Scott during the daily happy hour from 3pm to 9pm. You’ll get discounted price of selected drinks and enjoy them with the amazing view of Burj Al Arab and the Arabian Sea.

Saturday – Clubbing

Join the HipHop Craze at Dome Club from 8am til late and dance to the upbeat music of DJ Bliss, Shef Code, Flippside, and MC Money Plus!

Dubai nightlife

There are a lot more! Dubai may be a city of diverse culture and so as its nightlife. This city simply has everything to offer to anyone. You’ll never get bored and run out of things to do when in Dubai, day and night.


What do we love most about the Dubai nightlife scene?

The perfect party location, plenty of delicious food and drink options, a variety of music genres—these are everything we love about Dubai nightlife. But what we love the most is how Dubai nightlife brings great people together and becomes an avenue for people to make new friends.

So, Team Brunchy vouches that Dubai nightlife is the best one in the Middle East and yes, truly some of the best in the world!


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