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Flavours on Two Friday Brunch, Seafood Sensation’s

Another Friday, another Brunch review in Dubai for the Brunchy App! This week, we checked out the Seafood Sensation Brunch @ Flavours on Two at the Towers Rotana Sheikh Zayed Road. You surely can’t go wrong with cracking brunch with mountains of seafood, right? Well, keep reading below to find out how it was!




Flavours on Two Friday Brunch, Seafood Sensation’s

Towers Rotana SZR Location

Situated right at the top of SZR near the Trade Centre roundabout, Flavours on Two is not surprisingly on the second floor. It’s a good location for those staying near the airport or Deira area of Dubai.

Venue Description

The restaurant, through the week, changes shape in the form over other themed nights including:

Sunday – Flavours from the World from AED 199* per person
Monday – Flavours from India from AED 199* per person
Tuesday – Flavours from Britain from AED 199* per person
Wednesday – Flavours from the Ocean from AED 209* per person
Thursday & Friday – Flavours from Italy from AED 209* per person
Saturday – Flavours from Asia from AED 199* per person

The restaurant is bright and airy and has great views over SZR. There is a large bar and serving counter which makes up the main central area of the restaurant, with tables on either end. There’s a cool wall of forks in the middle of the restaurant, which is pretty impressive.

Flavours on Two Friday Brunch, Seafood Sensation’s – How Much?

The Following brunch packages are available, from just 219 AED you can indulge without alcohol. If you fancy a tipple or two, the drinks packages start from 259 AED which is pretty decent value for money overall for a Friday Brunch.

Friday Brunch packages

  • AED 219, per person inclusive of unlimited soft drinks, water and juices.
  • AED 259, per person inclusive of unlimited house drinks.
  • AED 339, per person inclusive of unlimited premium drinks.

The Food

The Seafood

Ok, so the focus of the type of food is clearly in the title. Seafood Sensations. There is a split selection between cold and hot selections.

The hot – featured Large prawns, Lobster, Hammour Fish and Salmon Fillets. All beautifully cooked and fresh.

The cold – A selection of Oysters, Mussels, Clams, and a boatload of sushi.

Even though this was mainly about the seafood, there were nice alternatives also for the meat lovers. There was a huge Beef Roast on the main counter with Potatoes and Veg, the full works.

In addition, there was a selection of Curry’s, Fried Rice, steamed Veg and a massive salad bar featuring all the traditional Arabic-styled foods you would normally expect including Hummus, Tabouleh and bread.

Scattered around the room were some additional tables featuring a nice selection of cheeses and breads. What more could you want?

The only thing which we were a little disappointed with was there was no cold prawns. I was hoping for a nice bucket full as these are my favourite, but I definitely did not leave hungry!


Well, there was no shortage of desserts at the Seafood Sensation’s Brunch. I counted over 25 different types! They are all prepared in house by the pastry chef, and they were exceptional!

Whether you’re a fan of chocolate, pastries, Creme Brulee, there is something for everyone. In fact, I ate far too much. I think they call it overindulging!

Drinks, Atmosphere & Entertainment

The restaurant staff were very attentive; although initially, the venue was quote empty to start but by the time we left around 2 pm, it was packed.

There was a good mixture of families and couples getting stuck into the food and drinks. There wasn’t any music or entertainment, but to be fair it’s really not that type of brunch.

The bar staff knocked us up with some cracking cocktails. The Bloody Mary nearly blew my head off. It was pretty strong and my wife had the piña colada, which was really nicely presented and went down well.

There was also a good selection of beers and wine both red & white, so you will not run short if you are up for knocking a few back!

Flavours on Two Friday Brunch, Seafood Sensation’s – Verdict Summary

Overall, this is a good value for money Brunch. It’s not just for seafood lovers. There really is a good choice of hot and cold food.

I would have loved a bit more selection for the cold seafood to be fair, but the rest of the food that was served was fresh and with great quality.

The desserts really stole the show for us. I think I probably consumed around 2,000 calories in all fairness so that’s a good sign! But not great for my waistline. : (

This brunch would be great for a family. It’s nice and quiet so you can have a good catch-up and don’t have to shout across the tables to each other!

The service was excellent from start to finish and we were offered drinks very frequently. Recommended.

The Video – Flavours on Two Friday Brunch, Seafood Sensation’s


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