A Reflection Before the New Year 2019 Says Hello – Brunchy App Dubai


What a great year it has been to all of us here at Brunchy Dubai! And we could not have been this successful without the support from our Brunchialite community. We have come a long way since the start of our Brunchy journey. 

Today, we are proud to present that our stats have doubled in a year’s span. 

We stayed true to our three core principles that make Brunchy App a hit entertainment app in Dubai.

Value: Keeping the app free and useful to the end user.

Social community: #Brunchialites are the community upon which this app is to built around, ensuring their needs are met is absolutely paramount.

Gamification: Brunchy will not only save money but also be fun and rewarding to use, there’s some exciting plans in the development pipeline.


This New Year 2019, we continue to strive to showcase only the best an entertainment app can offer. The most updated restaurant and bar offers, the most genuine brunch reviews, the hottest Dubai nightlife happenings and guide! 

Cheers to more success in the coming year and from Team Brunchy, we THANK YOU! 

Happy New Year 2019 to all of you!






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