Press Release: Announcing Brunchy 2.0

Find Men’s and Ladies’ Nights, Happy Hours, Brunches and More in Dubai

Dubai, UAE — August 11, 2017 — Brunchy, the nightlife, entertainment, tech startup company, announced it released version 2.0 of its popular flagship app. Available for iPhone and Android, Brunchy 2.0 brings a number of new features and even more deals for bars, restaurants and night clubs in Dubai, UAE. The app is still free as well, with company founder Mr. Anderson stating “Brunchy will always be free for users.”

Screenshot of the Brunchy 2.0 app viewing its home screen
Brunchy makes it easy to find what you’re looking for–happy hours, men’s nights, ladies’ nights, quiz nights and more

The key difference that separates Brunchy from its competitors–Zomato, The Entertainer’s Cheers, Dubai Deals and Guzzle–is that Brunchy finds already existing deals at local establishments in Dubai and does not force the user into two-for-one deals or specific deals unique to the app. Through extensive research, Brunchy has compiled hundreds of happy hours, brunches, drunches, men’s nights, ladies’ nights and quiz nights into one free, easy-to-use app. This means that when someone uses Brunchy to plan their night out, there is a good chance the place they go will be busy and they will have a better time. That is the #Brunchialite community.

Mr. Anderson, the company founder, stated that “Brunchy version 2.0 expands on the original concept by including not only happy hours, but also ladies nights, men’s nights and brunch offers. After face to face feedback from some of our Brunchialite community, they stated that although though app was well designed, simple to use and easy to navigate, more information needed to be included. Now we have over 500 (growing daily) offers from bars, nightclubs and entertainment venues throughout Dubai.”

Screenshot of the Brunchy 2.0 app viewing the listing for Zero Gravity in Dubai
Once you find a bar you’re interested in, Brunchy makes it easy to find out more, share with friends and can even give directions

Mr. Cessna, who does marketing and PR for Brunchy, noted that “Right now there is a lot of clutter, outdated information and different places to find where to go in Dubai. We at Brunchy feel that the app really cuts through that. We have also updated our website-–to list all of the offers as well. Brunchy will become the go-to portal for everything nightlife in Dubai and #Brunchialites are going to to become a thing.”

What are Brunchialites? — They are the social community who are regular patrons frequenting Dubai’s hottest nightspots. The Brunchialite has a passion to be with others, to celebrate and experience the best that Dubai has to offer. But what makes the Brunchialite different is they want that experience without paying an arm and a leg. This is where Brunchy app becomes the best tool of choice, granting the ability to explore, experience and exploit the best deals right in the palm of your hand–for free.

At the time of print, Brunchy has 182 happy hours, 157 ladies’ nights, 198 brunches, and 35 men’s nights offers live on the Brunchy 2.0 app.

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