Press Release: Announcing Brunchy Version 3

Introducing Brunchy Version 3 for iPhone and Android

brunchy app version 3 homescreen on android press release
Brunch Version 3’s Homescreen on Android

Dubai, UAE–December 15th–Brunchy, the fastest growing nightlife and entertainment tech startup in Dubai has released version three of its smartphone app. The new version increases the number of offers and adds a number of new features. As always, Brunchy is completely free to download and use.

Brunchy helps users find the best deals on ladies’ nights, happy hours, men’s nights, brunches and more in Dubai. The app uses location-based technology and offer timings to show what is open nearby and when. With Brunchy, the #brunchialite community can always find value for their night out.

Download Brunchy Version 3 for iPhone Today at the iTunes Store for Free

Download Brunchy Version 3 for Android Today at the Google Play Store for Free

New Features in Brunchy Version 3

Version three of Brunchy adds both drunches and pool days to the mix. This is in addition to brunches, ladies’ nights, men’s nights and happy hours. More bars have been added and more deals and offers included for all of the existing categories.

Brunchy founder Mr. Anderson said, “Version 3 is Brunchy on a whole new level. We have now included two new categories–beach/pool days and drunches– and also we have revised the more information screen to give our users more information about the venues to aid their decisions. We are also planning the launch of the Brunchy drinking games app and also Brunchy Auction where users can bid on exclusive nightlife offers to purchase directly through the app.”

What Brunchy is up to

Version 3 of Brunchy expands on what the end-users want–more deals, offers and categories of both. It also brings a number of features into testing and makes improvements for companies that partner with Brunchy. Mr. Anderson said, “For the venues advertising with us with have modified the back-end to aid further analytics and technology to to deliver unparalleled value. We have revised the look and feel of the app from feedback from our community to ensure that we are evolving to strive to exceed our communities needs.”

Summing up how Brunchy is superior to its competitors in Dubai, Mr. Anderson said “[Brunchy is] Completely free. No subscription. Most up-to-date, accurate information available on any mobile app. Find exactly what is going on now at your location.” Expanding on this for partnered bars, he went on to say “Analytics, ensuring all the offers are up-to-date in one place. We can give them [partners] access to a focused group of users that are interested in their offers. Our users want to find their deals and we provide a way for them to find them. You’re not paying for impressions wasted on people not interested in going out to the bar.”

Brunchy is also testing a number of new features including Bluetooth beacons, QR codes and a quarterly “Brunchy Bible” that lists all the bars and their offers in one convenient PDF file.

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