Rock Bottom Dubai – Most Underrated Steak in Dubai?

Rock Bottom Dubai – Most Underrated Steak in Dubai?

Rock Bottom Dubai
Rock Bottom Dubai – Tecom

Rock Bottom Dubai

Described as follows – ‘The stylish American Café serves great food, an excellent live band and in-house DJ that will have you dancing on your toes. The ambience is based on arly 70’s American culture with Harley Davidson motorbikes are on display.’

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What’s This Rock Bottoms all about?

Rock Bottom’s are situated in 2 locations in Dubai. Venue one is set in the Regent Hotel in Karama in Bur Dubai and Venue two is situated at the other end of town in the Ramee Rose Hotel in Tecom. An American themed bar with highlights of USA, Harleys and cowboys. If live music, sports, pool tables and American food is your requirement this is the place for you

Whats the dress code

Casual, first things first it’s not necessarily the dressiest of venues and your dress code should reflect this! Shorts and T-shirt is more than suitable

Whats this steak all about then?

They have offers from 84 AED for a steak, side and a Carafe of wine. There is plenty of choices if your a steak monster, with steaks from the US, New Zealand and Australia and if you fancy a real test order yourself a 16oz rock bottom belly buster steak. I have been here personally over 20 times and I would 9 times out of ten I have come away very happy.

Heres a summary of the offer as on the Brunchy App

Happy Hour – Daily – 5 pm to 10 pm – Buy one get one free on selected drinks

Ladies Night – Wednesday – 8 pm to 12 pm – Ladies get 3 free drinks!

Men’s Night – Wednesday – 10 pm to 3 am -Buy one get one free on whiskey. Men get one free shot and 25% off on food items.

Name:  Rock Bottom’s
Location: Bur Dubai, Karama (Regent Hotel) & Tecom (Ramee Rose Hotel)
Offer: Amazing Discounts on Daily happy hour, Ladies Night & Men’s Night
Opening: Daily 5 pm – 3 am
Contact: 044500111

Why We Love it?: Great offers, amazing steaks, relaxed atmosphere and great for pool and love music.

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