Rodeo Drive, Back to Brunch Review – Will We Be Galloping Back?

Rodeo Drive – Back to Brunch Review

Its been a good few years since I last stepped foot in the Stables Dubai.

In fact, it was 2015 and was all a bit of a Blur after the second tray of Jaeger’s was slid across our table by one of my enthusiastic friends.

This was also during Ramadan so there was no music either, which added an interesting angle to the night by all of our patter not being drowned out for some cheesy pop records.

Anyway fast forward 3 years and we are back again to feature the timeless Friday Brunch.




Rodeo Drive, Back to Brunch Review


The Stables is fairly unique in its location, being one of the only handfuls of venues not attached to hotels here in Dubai. The Stables Dubai is Situated in White Crown Building, Behind Noor Bank.

Sheikh Zayed Rd, Trade Centre – Dubai

Venue Description

The Venues is Split into 2 levels, the ground floor which is the main bar area which is known as the Stables, and the second floor named Rodeo Drive which holds the Brunch and also the massive mechanical Bull which is one of the prominent features of the venue! The Stables has been around a while so its a little rough around the edges, but then this is not the venue you would go to if you fancied something upmarket!

The theme of the restaurant is, no surprises stable themed. I would say its also definitely got an American Coyote Ugly thing going down also.

The Stables Dubai Friday Brunch Review

Rodeo Drive, Back to Brunch Review – How Much?

To find an Alcoholic Brunch, in Dubai for less than 200 AED is a rare thing nowadays, but at Rodeo Drive Brunch, you can get exactly this. With a decent offering of beers, spirits and some cocktails and soft drinks for this price is an absolute bargain


AED 199 per person including food off the menu and selected beverage package

The Food

Not Just Bar Food

When we first entered the venue and looked at the menu, I must admit I was a little underwhelmed. To class, this as Bar Food would be unfair though.

The menu featured a lot of platters, nachos, Chicken wings, burgers etc. And to be fair the quality of food was well above average.

Chicken wings were inhaled in a matter of minutes, the Nachos although not great for any diet were well done.

There was even a Chicken Caesar salad which managed to make its way onto our table and was nicely put together.

My personal favourite was the ‘Basket’ of calamari with garlic mayonnaise. mmm. destroyed.

The desserts came again filling the platter theme, they were not the most creative, but for a man like me who has a need of a sweet tooth they did the job.

The food ended up fitting in really well with the day, there is also a huge list of platters for all the needs and you will unlikely walk out of the Stables a hungry person.


The Drinks menu, although not huge has some good quality items featuring.

First of all the beer, you can grab yourself a Bucket of Corona’s or Stella to get you on your way.

Next up there was a monster Mojito Jug for the table to share, or if you liked something a little harder you could select from the House spirits including Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whisky & Bourbon

If you are a fan of the Vino, there is bottles of Red, White & Rose.

What more could you want for 199 AED!

Atmosphere & Entertainment

This is where the Rodeo Drive Brunch in all fairness blew us away.

This is a first for us, a Brunch which wasn’t just sitting around a table talking rubbish and filling our stomachs.

In fact, this was a very interactive experience.

The main man of the hour was the ‘Host with the Most’ Pat. A great guy (for an Aussie) he really made us feel welcome and pulled the guests together which im sure can sometimes be a challenge!

First up was the Quiz, followed by building a model out of play-doh, then the cup stacking competition which was a new one for me. Then the grand finale was, of course, the feature event, being riding the Mechanical Bull.

We were joint 1st going into the final round, but we reluctantly retired and the eventual team took the spoils, which was a free Brunch for 4. Not bad at all.

All in all, the entertainment was excellent.

Maybe not ideal for all occasions but if there is a group of you it can be a really cool way to interact instead of all shouting around a long table.

Rodeo Drive, Back to Brunch Review – Verdict Summary

If you asked me after 10 minutes of walking in the venue if I would come back I would have said categorically ‘no’.

But as the day wore on, with decent food, good drinks selection and some really unexpected great all-around entertainment. We left the Rodeo Drive Brunch extremely satisfied and also with change of 200 AED!

Just let that soak in, drinks food and entertainment for under 200 AED for nearly 4 hours.

If you are a group of lads or lasses and you’re looking for a cheap but fun day out, I would strongly recommend checking this venue out.

The Rodeo Drive, Back to Brunch has a really relaxed vibe. The staff were all friendly and helpful and the service was decent overall.

If you fancy something a little different this Friday give the Rodeo Drive Brunch a Try.


The Video – Rodeo Drive, Back to Brunch


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