Ten Reasons Brunchy is the Best Brunch & Nightlife App in Dubai

If you have been living on the moon for the past 6 months and haven’t heard about Brunchy…

Here are the Ten Reasons Brunchy is the Best Brunch & Nightlife App in Dubai and its future is Bright 

Ten Reasons Brunchy is the Best Brunch & Nightlife App in Dubai – Brunchy is THE Brunch, nightlife and entertainment app which is taking Dubai by storm, I built this app because I feel there is a huge gap between whats on offer and how I feel a nightlife app should be. This article summaries the top ten reasons why Brunchy is the best app you can download today for exploring and exploiting the best offers Dubai has to offer today.

Make sure you download the Brunchy app to help guide you through this offer and 100’s more!!

1 – Its completely 100%, free for the user

Yes that’s right, no- subscriptions, no premium add-ons, no stupid pop up adverts. Just completely free access to our huge, ever growing database of the best nightlife venues and deals today LIVE

Brunchy is Amazing

2 – Explore Dubai Nightlife through the Brunchy App

One of the best things about the Brunchy app is you can search whats on near you right now, the App automatically detects your location and you can filter within your radius to find the best nightlife offers happening right now. Each offer has a countdown timer so you can ensure you fit the offers around your schedule. Whether your looking for a quick pint after work or your here on holiday for the first time make sure Brunchy is part of your nightlife plans

Brunchy - Explore

3 – Variety of Offers

Brunchy works closely with our vendors to ensure the offers included have a lot of variety. There are many offers which have greater imagination than just ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ Download the app today and see the best Offers Dubai has going right now.

Brunchy Nightlife

4 – Over 675 Offers

In the app we currently have 675 offers including deals on Brunches, Happy Hours, Ladies Nights and Mens Nights. In Version 3 of app which is currently in development we are also including Drunch offers and beach and Pool days! Can you afford not be involved?

Brunchy Nightlife

5 – Offer Countdown

Taking inspiration from a website that was created in my hometown, the concept behind the Happy Hour and Ladies night search function was that you can see a simple countdown for every offer on near you now. So you can literally bar hop the night away visiting new places but at the best value. Simple

Brunchy App - Countdown

6 – Biggest Number of Men’s Nights in one app

Its not just about the ladies –  Men’s nights. We currently have over 45 on our app. So if you like socializing with the ‘Boys’ make sure you download the app today and check out the best nightlife offers today

Click here to read our article reviewing some of the best on offer.

Brunchy - Men's Night

7 – Latest information

If you want to find the best deals in Dubai, the internet unfortunately is not always the best place to find out what you want to need. This being majority of offers advertised are out of date. This is where the Brunchy mobile app comes in. We work closely with our venues to ensure we have the latest offers live on the app. It takes mere seconds to update the app with the hottest nightlife deals. There’s nothing worse than getting to a venue and finding out the deal you thought was on infact finished last month : ( Brunchy is the answer.

Brunchy - Information

8 – Ladies ‘Free Night Out’

If you a Lady who lives in Dubai and like the frequent the Dubai Nightlife, Brunchy is the only tool you need. You can navigate through almost 250 offers purely for Ladies nights. Also we have vert kindly put together a few ‘Inspirational’ nights out (No need to thank us)

Click on the days to see your TUE & WED night plans

Brunchy - Ladies Night

9 – Accessibility

Brunchy the App is available on the IOS and Google Play Markets for your Android and Iphone’s, so there is no restriction on downloading. Also its available on over 50 stores worldwide so no matter where your from in the world you can get involved and start saving money while exploring the vast delights of Dubai when the sun goes down.

Brunchy - Accessible

10 – Inspiration

You know there are over 600 venues in Dubai which sell Alcohol? Its not surprising people get overwhelmed with the choice. Let Brunchy simplify it all for you and filter the current deals near you now. You can use the filter options and also check whats happening on the weekend if you wish. Brunchy is the one stop shop for all your Nightlife, Entertainment & Brunch plans in Dubai.

Brunchy App - Inspiration

There are a lot more reasons to download the app today. But these are the highlights. Why pay 150 USD a year to get savings? it makes no sense. Why pay a monthly subscripition which you probably wont use? Get on your phones and download the app today and use for completely free. What are you waiting for!

We are building a great community for our users, they go under the name of the #Brunchialite’s, Being involved in the #Brunchialite community ensures your up to date with all the latest deals on offer where you are right now, please join our group on Facebook and get involved today.

The future is Bright – Version 3 of the app will coming later this month, its going to include some huge new features including, Brunch Ticket Auctions, Trip advisor ratings, Book a table function and a whole load more.

Download and use for free on Android or iPhone today.

And the last question is….. Can you afford to not be involved?

FOMO Brunchy

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