Top 10 Dubai Apps 2018 – You NEED to Have on Your Phone

Top 10 Dubai Apps 2018 – You NEED to Have on Your Phone

Top 10 Mobile Apps 2018 Dubai 

With 2018 just around the corner, we take a look at The 10 Apps you NEED to Have on Your Phone in Dubai 2018, our team have happily put togther this list for you all. Whether you are a torusit visiting the city, or a resident these are the apps you need on your phone.

1 – Scran Takeaway – Eat Easily

Eat Easily is a great little app I have been using for over 3 years now, it give you access to some of the best takeaway deals and choice in Dubai, if your a traveller or a resident its a must to have good access to a nice wide range of takeaways when you are literally starving due to severe hangover, or just being an all-round piggy.

2 – Explore Dubai Using the Metro App

If you want to explore Dubai and like an occasional train ride, the Dubai Metro is a great budget option. Its quick, clean efficient and great value. Make sure you download this app and give it try.

3 – Visit Dubai – Exploring & Shopping

Whether you’re looking to shop till you drop, explore tourist hotspots or simply looking for some destination information the Visit Dubai is where it’s at. Also if your a resident they do a handy calendar app for you to see whats coming up this year

4 – Dubai Airports – The app to check your flight information

Vital if your a traveller or a resident, keep a live track of your flight or if you have friends or family visiting you, you can access the live travel information free from your mobile device. A smart free app.

5 – Dubai Police – Just in Case

Its always good to have this app on your phone, in the highly unlikely event you do have any issues here its good to know you can get access to ever helpful Dubai police right away.

Top 10 Dubai Apps 2018 – You NEED to Have on Your Phone

6 – Careem – Taxi Booking

Taxies are two a penny here in Dubai and exceptional value for money, sometimes though with RTA taxis they can difficult to get a hold of. Careem is the answer. Book in advance, order for other people and get some great discount vouchers. A must for any tourist or resident.

7 – Google Maps

Surely I’m trying to teach a granny how to suck eggs here? But if you haven’t already ensured you have this app downloaded and also a tip is to download the offline maps for Dubai from Google, so you get some assistance if you don’t have internet connection.

8 – ITranslate Voice

If English isn’t your first language you may wish to give the I-translate app a try, fortunately, in Dubai, it’s very multicultural so whatever language you speak there is normally someone who can assist. If your worried please give this free app a try.

9 – Cobone – Vouchers

usually has some great vouchers you can purchase online and very popular here in Dubai. If you a resident or a visitor it’s a great way to make some savings on expensive experiences!

10 – Nightlife – Brunchy

Last but not least, Brunchy. For all things nightlife including over 1,000 offers for Happy hours, Men’s nights, Ladies Night’s, Brunches, Beach & Pool Days & a whole load more. Access the latest live offers from Venues in Dubai. Gives you a simple to use app to explore Dubai using the search function and sample some of the best Nightlife Dubai has to offer but with the lowest prices. Oh, and it is completely free and available in over 35 app stores worldwide. A no-brainer.

Brunchy Logo
Brunchy Logo

There are a lot more reasons to download the app today. But these are the highlights. Why pay 150 USD a year to get savings? it makes no sense. Why pay a monthly subscripition which you probably wont use? Get on your phones and download the app today and use for completely free. What are you waiting for!

We are building a great community for our users, they go under the name of the #Brunchialite’s, Being involved in the #Brunchialite community ensures your up to date with all the latest deals on offer where you are right now, please join our group on Facebook and get involved today.

Download and use for free on Android or iPhone today.

And the last question is….. Can you afford to not be involved?

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