The Most Savage Drinking Memes on the Planet

Drinking is a way to socialize with friends, make new ones and have more fun than you should be given your circumstances and surroundings. Here I’ve compiled some of the funniest, most savage drinking memes on the planet. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be drunk to enjoy them!

1. Don’t judge me, shopkeeper!

batman joker in liquor store buying alcohol meme

If you go to multiple liquor stores a day to avoid a situation like this, then yes, you’re probably an alcoholic. Also, why didn’t you get your lowlife friends to go in instead of you? C’mon. Amateur hour.

2. Not quite a complete breakfast

finland breakfast menu coffee vodka cigarette meme

Kind of low on the nutritional value but it will probably get you to lunch. Of course if you’re drinking coffee with vodka in it instead of Kahlua or Bailey’s then you better be in college. Or a dirty hobo.

3. Don’t you hate when that happens?

jim lahey drunk on saturday actually tuesday rpb trailer park boys meme

RIP Officer Jim Lahey of Trailer Park Boys! But seriously, if this actually happens to you, you’re probably failing school or lost your job. Fortunately there’s always being a hobo to fall back on. Won’t make mom proud but who are you kidding? You aren’t a person you filthy hobo. Only people have mothers.

4. When you’re blacking out but still take that one last shot

slobodan praljak hague poison war criminal drinking meme alcohol shot

Too soon? Oh well, he was convicted of being a war criminal anyway. But we’ve all taken the shot that put us over the edge.

5. What is an alcoholic?

kid driving car drunk alcoholic dad meme

Ok. Hopefully none of us have ever been there! (Either as the kid driving the car or the dad.) Remember, in all seriousness, drinking and driving isn’t funny or cool.

6. Like anyone can count that high that drunk anyway

how much can i drink anchorman meme

Yeah, that’s not a number you want to find out, ever.

7. Meanwhile in France

meanwhile kids in france drinking and smoking meme

Oh France. But seriously, who starts drinking and smoking at like 9? What is this, 20th century France?

8. It makes sense…

can't be embaressed if you don't remember black guy thinking meme

Well on the bright side you woke up in your own bed and there isn’t a warrant for your arrest (as far as you know). Maybe a little moderation next time. Pro-tip: just deactivate your Facebook account and throw away your phone without looking at either of them.

9. Those poor sober children in Africa!

good kermit vs evil kermit kids in africa don't have alcohol

Waste not want not. I don’t think mom was thinking of this situation though when she guilted you into you to finish your dinner though. Just think of all those sober people! How could you waste that beer?

10. We all have a friend or two like this

randy i am the liquor jim lahey tpb trailer park boys meme

We all have a friend of two like this. (Nope, definitely not us!) When they start to get weird with it it is best to get out of there fast or get weird with it too. Besides, everyone knows liquor can’t talk! I’ve listened and never a peep.

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